Eastbrook Farm is abundant with birdlife, primarily thanks to the way we farm providing such wonderful habitats for them to breed, feed and thrive in.

Throughtout the year we are visitied by wonderful seasonl visitors such as the huge flocks of starlings and lapwings in the winter, Wheatears passing through in spring, Swallows and blackcaps in the summer just to name a few! 

Knowing where to find them though can prove problematic so with that in mind we run tailored two hour birdwatching tours with James Andrews on our site wildlife enthusiast - he'll take you to all the best locations and help you spot our feathered friends!

On foot, you need to be agile enough to open gates and occasionally climb over them; wear sensible shoes, and clothes for the time of year


Land Rover, agility needed to get in and out; but once in, the mini safari starts.