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Farm Picnics

How about enjoying all the space and stuff to see at Eastbrook on foot, and meeting your lunch on the way round? We’ve created a few bespoke picnic spots on the farm—tables, chairs, occasionally a sofa to lie on, rugs to wrap yourself in if needed—and we’d love to deliver a splendid farm picnic for you to enjoy.

We make different charcuterie and simple hams from our own pigs and beef cattle; we buy artisan and often organic cheeses from local-ish suppliers; we use bread baked with our own wheat; and pickles from a guy down the road, among other things you might like to rest awhile with. 

We sort the location with you, and the time; we drop it down there, you find it. We can add as much booze, or soft drinks, as you wish. We collect when you’ve finished and gone. Or we can bring you back if the walking’s all too much.

Our picnic food offer is £25/pp. Sometimes we can be spontaneous and accept an order at short notice; on other occasions, it might be sensible to give us 24 hours' notice. Just ask. We’ll recommend various sites depending on the weather, the livestock, and anything else that’s happening that you might enjoy or which might disturb you (such as farm machinery).

To make a booking please choose from the options below. Alternatively, if you have a more specific request please get in touch.

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