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Farm Safaris

We think that Eastbrook Farm is a place of fun, and wonder, and hopefully inspiration. And great landscapes, interesting animals, beautiful views, some stunning wildlife. From woodlands to ponds to pigs, it’s yours to enjoy, so why not join us for one of our farm safaris?

From the playful piglets to the beautiful landscapes of the Russley downs there's so much to see.  During your farm safari we will explore some of the farm and its' livestock, some of the fantastic habitats provided for wildlife and some of the more unusual residents and visitors we have across the 1,500 acres we have here.

On foot, you need to be agile enough to open gates and occasionally climb over them; wear sensible shoes, and clothes for the time of year


Land Rover, agility needed to get in and out; but once in, the mini safari starts.


We usually start up on the Downs where you can look down on the farm and see the setting. We take in one of our Dairies and the cows, visit the pigs and see what we do to support wildlife. At the right time of year, our wildflower valley, festooned with orchids and other exotica, is a walk unto itself, and needs no guide. And then there's the Agroforestry and the inspiration for our gin. If we encounter any wildlife on our way, so much the better! Come and enjoy us.

To make a booking please use the booking system below. If a slot is not available for your preferred time, please get in touch using our enquiry form found here

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