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Guided Walks

Our Farm Safaris offer a great opportunity to get an overview of the whole farm but our walks offer a slower paced way of getting up close and personal with a slightly smaller area. We can also access more remote areas that are off-limits to the Land Rover. And without the thrum of the engine or the rattle of the windows, we get to see and hear nature in a purer form.


Eastbrook Farm is abundant with wildlife, primarily thanks to the way we farm providing such wonderful habitats for breeding, feeding and to generally thrive in. If we're lucky we'll get to see some of this alongside seeing and hearing about the various ways we use the land for growing crops and looking after livestock. 

Typically, we will pick the route based on the season and the weather. This means we aim to avoid the muddiest of paths and see the most interesting parts of the farm. This could be some experimental planting, a wonderful wildflower valley, beautiful blossom, a pile of piglets, a barn full of calves, a steamy tunnel of salad.

On foot, you need to be agile enough to open gates and occasionally climb over them; wear sensible shoes, and clothes for the time of year.


If there's something in particular that you would like to see, give us a call to discuss when it would be best to book your walk.

Ideally, we prefer to keep groups to no bigger than about 15 and are equally happy to guide individuals.


To make a booking please use the booking system below. If a slot is not available for your preferred time, or you have a particularly large group, please get in touch and we'll do our best to assist.

  • 2 hr

    75 British pounds
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