Botswicky Wild-ish Camping

Available from July 2022

Our pop-up campsite is designed for exclusive use by a single family, or a group of very good friends and family up to 10 people.

What you get is 5 acres of wood-lined organic meadow all to yourselves. But we’ve added one or two unmissable items from the Un-Official Guide to wild camping—two (clean) pig arcs to sleep in if you choose, make your bed from straw bales; a fully functional hot bath in the middle of the meadow; two robust artisan compost loos; a fire pit for cooking, and all the utensils you’ll need; tables, chairs, a shower in the hedge, a wildlife photography hide (if it’s not pre-booked); some newly dig ponds and a stream to watch wander past (carefully). Bring your tents, and you won’t need much else.


£150 per night. Two of you or ten of you. £275 for 2 nights. £400 for three. Plus as much firewood as you need at prevailing prices. We can provide delicious food for you, or you can buy it from our own farm shop.

(We do not provide bedding unless asked, and there would be a charge for this). Location is the North end of Eastbrook Farm, known as Botswicky, about a 1-mile easy walk from our own pub, restaurant, and hotel. It’s available only 56 nights this year, starting early May. You can get your vehicle to within 500m of the site, then an easy walk. 

To make a booking please use our enquiry form found here